Literature for Software Engineering

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no image available Buschmann, Frank
Pattern-Oriented Software Architecture
Vol.1: A System of Patterns

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no image available D'Souza, Desmond Francis
Objects, components, and frameworks with UML
Addison-Wesley 2001
  • print: SOU d 2001:1 1.Ex
no image available Fowler, Martin
UML distilled
a brief guide to the standard object modeling language

Addison Wesley 2000
no image available Fowler, Martin
improving the design of existing code

Addison-Wesley 2008
no image available Gamma, Erich; Helm, Richard and Johnson, Ralph
Design Patterns.
Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Addison-Wesley 2004
no image available Pezzè, Mauro
Software testing and analysis
Wiley 2008
  • print: PEZ m 2008:1 1.Ex
no image available Pressman, Roger S.
Software engineering:
A practitioner's approach

McGraw-Hill 2010
  • print: PRE r3 2010:1 1.Ex
no image available Shaw, Mary
Software architecture
Prentice Hall 1996
  • print: ShAW m 1996:1 1.Ex
no image available Sommerville, Ian
Software Engineering
Addison-Wesley 2018
  • print: SOM i 2018:1 1.Ex
no image available Stevens, Perdita
Using UML
software engineering with objects and components

Addison-Wesley 2009
no image available Wirfs-Brock, Rebecca
Designing object oriented software
Prentice Hall 1990
  • print: WIR r 1990:1 1.Ex