Literature for Software Engineering

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no image available Beck, Kent
Extreme Programming Explained:
Embrace Change

Addison-Wesley 2001
no image available Jacobson, Ivar; Booch, Grady and Rumbaugh, James
The unified software development process:
The complete guide to the unified process from the original designers

Addison-Wesley 1999
  • print: BOO g 1999:1 1.Ex
no image available Cockburn, Alistair
Writing effective use cases
Addison-Wesley 2008
  • print: COCk a 2008:1 1.Ex
no image available Ghezzi, Carlo; Jazayeri, Mehdi and Mandrioli, Dino
Fundamentals of software engineering
Prentice Hall 2003
  • print: GHE c 2003:1 1.Ex
no image available Jackson, Daniel
Software abstractions:
Logic, language, and analysis

MIT Press 2006
  • print: JACk d 2006:1 1.Ex
no image available Jacky, Jonathan
The Way of Z:
Practical Programming with Formal Methods

Cambridge Univ. Press 1997
  • print: JACk j 1997:1 1.Ex
no image available Pressman, Roger S.
Software engineering:
A practitioner's approach

McGraw-Hill 2010
  • print: PRE r3 2010:1 1.Ex
no image available Robertson, Suzanne and Robertson, James
Mastering the requirements process
Addison-Wesley 2008
no image available Weinberg, Gerald M.
The Psychology of Computer Programming
Dorset 1998
  • print: WEI g2 1998:1 1.Ex