Literature for Data Science

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no image available Bishop, Christopher M
Pattern Recognition and Machine Learning
Springer 2009
  • print: BISh ch 2009:1 1.Ex
no image available Brunton, Steven L. and Kutz, Nathan
Data-Driven Science and Engineering:
Machine Learning, Dynamical Systems, and Control

Cambridge 2019
no image available Géron, Aurélien
Hands-On Machine Learning with Scikit-Learn, Keras, and TensorFlow:
Concepts, Tools, and Techniques to Build Intelligent Systems

O'Reilly 2019
no image available Goodfellow, Ian
Deep Learning
MIT 2016
no image available Hastie, Trevor; Tibshirani, Robert and Friedman, Jerome H.
The Elements of Statistical Learning
Springer 2011
no image available James, Gareth et al.
An Introduction to Statistical Learning:
With Applications in R

Springer 2021
no image available Murphy, Kevin P.
Machine Learning:
A Probabilistic Perspective

MIT 2012
no image available Russell, Stuart and Norvig, Peter
Artificial Intelligence:
A Modern Approach

Pearson 2021
no image available Spiegelhalter, David J.
The Art of Statistics:
Learning from Data

Pelican 2019
  • print: SpIE d 2020:1 1.Ex
no image available Sutton, Richard S. and Barto, Andrew
Reinforcement Learning:
An Introduction

MIT 2018
no image available Wintjen, Marc and Vlahutin, Andrew
Practical Data Analysis Using Jupyter Notebook
Packt 2020