Literature for Ethics for Nerds

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no image available Wallach, Wendell and Allen, Colin
Moral Machines:
Teaching Robots Right from Wrong

Oxford University Press 2009
  • print: REF 23 34 1.Ex
no image available Lin, Patrick
Robot Ethics:
The Ethical and Social Implications of Robotics

MIT Press 2012
  • print: REF 23 35 1.Ex
no image available Floridi, Luciano
The Cambridge handbook of information and computer ethics
Cambridge University Press 2010
  • print: REF 23 36 1.Ex
  • local digital version
no image available Johnson, Deborah G. and Miller, Keith William
Computer Ethics: Analyzing Information Technology
Pearson Eduaction 2009
  • print: REF 23 38 1.Ex
no image available Parfit, Derek
Reasons and Persons
Oxford Scholarship Online 2003