Literature for GPU Programming

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Most important books:
no image available Kirk, David and Hwu, Wen-mei W.
Programming massively parallel processors : a hands-on approach
Elsevier 2013
no image available Sanders, Jason and Kandrot, Edward
CUDA by example : an introduction to general-purpose GPU programming
Addison-Wesley 2011

Other interesting literature:
no image available Cheng, John and McKercher, Ty
Professional CUDA C programming
Wiley 2014
no image available Cook, Shane
CUDA programming : a developer's guide to parallel computing with GPUs
Morgan 2013
no image available Storti, Duane and Yurtoglu, Mete
CUDA for engineers : an introduction to high-performance parallel computing
Addison-Wesley 2016
no image available Wilt, Nicholas
The CUDA handbook
Addison-Wesley 2013