Literature for Query Optimization: Past to Present

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no image available Cluet, Sophie and Moerkotte, Guido
On the complexity of generating optimal left-deep processing trees with cross products
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no image available DeHaan, David and Tompa, Frank Wm.
Optimal top-down join enumeration
no image available Fender, Pit and Moerkotte, Guido
A new, highly efficient, and easy to implement top-down join enumeration algorithm
IEEE 2011
no image available Haffner, Immanuel and Dittrich, Jens
Efficiently computing join orders with heuristic search
no image available Ibaraki, Toshihide and Kameda, Tiko
On the optimal nesting order for computing N-relational joins
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no image available Krishnamurthy, Ravi; Boral, Haran and Zaniolo, Carlo
Optimization of nonrecursive queries
MCC 1986
no image available Moerkotte, Guido and Neumann, Thomas
Analysis of two existing and one new dynamic programming algorithm for the generation of optimal bushy join trees without cross products
VLDB 2006
no image available Neumann, Thomas
Query simplification:
Graceful degradation for join-order optimization

no image available Neumann, Thomas and Radke, Bernhard
Adaptive optimization of very large join queries
no image available Ono, Kiyoshi and Lohman, Guy M.
Measuring the complexity of join enumeration in query optimization
IBM 1990
no image available Selinger, P. Griffiths et al.
Access path selection in a relational database management system
no image available Steinbrunn, Michael; Moerkotte, Guido and Kemper, Alfons
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The VLDB Journal 1997
no image available Vance, Bennet and Maier, David
Rapid bushy join-order optimization with Cartesian products