Literature for Cryptography

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no image available Goldreich, Oded
Foundations of cryptography II -
Basic applications

Cambridge 2004
no image available Goldreich, Oded
Foundations of cryptography I -
Basic tools

Cambridge 2006
no image available Hoffstein, Jeffrey; Pipher, Jill and Silverman, Joseph H.
An introduction to mathematical cryptography
Springer 2014
no image available Katz, Jonathan and Lindell, Yehuda
Introduction to modern cryptography
Chapman and Hall 2015
no image available Koblitz, Neal
A course in number theory and cryptography
Springer 1987
no image available Koblitz, Neal
Algebraic aspects of cryptography
Springer 1999
no image available Kraft, James and Washington, Lawrence
An Introduction to Number Theory with Cryptography
CRC Pr. 2018
no image available Menezes, Alfred J.; Oorschot, Paul C. van and Vanstone, Scott A.
Handbook of applied cryptography
CRC Pr. 1997
  • print: MEN a 1997:1 1.Ex
no image available Mitzenmacher, Michael
Probability and computing
Cambridge University Press 2017
  • print: MIT m 2017:1 1.Ex
no image available Singh, Simon
The code book: the science of secrecy from ancient Egypt to quantum cryptography
Anchor Books 2000
  • print: SIN s4 2000:2 1.Ex
no image available Smart, Nigel
Cryptography Made Simple
Springer 2016