Literature for Database Systems

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Learning SQL
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no image available Date, Chris J.
An Introduction to Database Systems
Addison-Wesley 2006
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no image available Elmasri, Ramez and Navathe, Sham
Fundamentals of Database Systems:
Models, Languages, Design and Application Programming

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no image available Garcia-Molina, Hector; Ullman, Jeffrey D. and Widom, Jennifer
Database Systems: The Complete Book
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no image available Kemper, Alfons and Eickler, Andre
Datenbanksysteme: Eine Einführung
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no image available Lehner, Wolfgang
Datenbanktechnologie für Data-Warehouse-Systeme
DPunkt 2003
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no image available Lightstone, Sam
Physical Database Design:
The Database Professional's Guide to
Exploiting Indexes, Views, Storage, and More

Morgan Kaufmann 2007
no image available Loney, Kevin
Oracle Database 11G:
The Complete Reference

Oracle Press 2009
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no image available Miner, Donald
MapReduce Design Patterns
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no image available Özsu, Tamer M. and Valduriez, Patrick
Principles of Distributed Database Systems
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no image available Patterson, David A. and Hennessy, John L.
Computer Organization and Design
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no image available Plattner, Hasso and Zeier, Alexander
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An Inflection Point for Enterprise Applications

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no image available PostgreSQL Global Development Group
PostgreSQL 9.0:
The SQL Language - Volume I

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Database Management Systems
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Datenbanken: Konzepte und Sprachen
mitp 2013
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no image available Takahashi, Mana and Azuma, Shoko
The Manga Guide to Databases
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no image available Weikum, Gerhard and Vossen, Gottfried
Transactional Information Systems:
Theory, Algorithms, and the Practice of Concurrency Control and Recovery

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no image available White Tom
Hadoop: The Definitive Guide
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no image available Witten, Ian H.; Moffat, Alistair and Bell, Timothy C.
Managing Gigabytes
Morgan Kaufmann 2010
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