Literature for Software Engineering

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no image available Apel, Sven; Batory, Don; Kästner, Christian and Saake, Gunter
Feature-Oriented Software Product Lines:
Concepts and Implementation

Springer 2013
no image available Czarnecki, Krzysztof
Generative Programming:
Methods, Tools, and Applications

Addison-Wesley 2000
  • print: CZA k 2000:1 1.Ex
no image available Gamma, Erich; Helm, Richard and Johnson, Ralph
Design Patterns:
Elements of Reusable Object-Oriented Software

Addison-Wesley 2004
no image available Meinicke, Jens
Mastering Software Variability with FeatureIDE
Springer 2017
no image available Pierce, Benjamin C.
Types and Programming Languages
MIT Press 2002
no image available Smolka, Gert
Eine Einführung in die Informatik mit Standard ML

Oldenbourg 2011