Literature for Introduction to Computational Logic

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Biographies of important logicians

no image available Andrews, Peter B.
An Introduction to Mathematical Logic and Type Theory:
To Truth Through Proof

Kluwer Academic Publishers 2002
no image available Baader, Franz and Nipkow, Tobias
Term Rewriting and All That
Cambridge University Press 1999
no image available Bertot, Yves and Casteran, Pierre
Interactive Theorem Proving and Program Development
Springer 2004
no image available Forster, Thomas
Logic, Induction and Sets
Cambridge Univ. Press 2003
  • print: FOR th 2003:1 1.Ex
no image available Girard, Jean-Yves
Proof and Types
Cambridge University Press 1993
no image available Hindley, James Roger and Seldin Jonathan P.
Lambda-Calculus and Combinators
Cambridge University Press 2008
no image available Luo, Zhaohui
Computation and Reasoning: A Type Theory for Computer Science
Oxford University Press 2002
  • print: LUO z 2002:1 1.Ex
no image available Per, Martin-Löf
Intuitionistic Type Theory
Bibliopolis 1984
no image available Prawitz, Dag
Natural deduction -
A proof-theoretical study

Dover Publications 2006
  • print: PRA d3 2006:1 1.Ex
no image available Barendregt, Henk and Geuvers, Herman
Proof Assistants using Dependent Type Systems
(p. 1149-1238 from the Handbook of automated reasoning - Band 2)

North Holland 2001
no image available Sørensen, Morten Heine and Urzyczyn, Pawel
Lectures on the curry-howard isomorphism
Elsevier 2006
no image available Troelstra, Anne Sjerp and Schwichtenberg, Helmut
Basic proof theory
Cambridge University Press 2003
no image available Institute for Advanced Study
Homotopy type theory
Princeton, NJ 2013
  • print: UFM n 2013:1 1.Ex