When is the library open?

The library is public and can be used during the opening hours, Monday to Friday, from 8:30 a.m. to 8 p.m.
Please take notice of current information: Exceptions/closing times are announced on our homepage, on notice boards, and on the SIC screens.

Who is authorized to borrow and for how long?
  • Enrolled students, with a loan period of 14 days
  • Employees and professors of Saarland University and the participating institutes,
    with a loan period of 4 weeks or 2 months
How do I register for borrowing?

You can register at the library or hand in the signed application form at the library information desk.
You also need to show your UdS ID-card.

How do I create my library account?

The account is created by specifying the UdS login (HIZ/LSF account) or the MPI user name
in the application form when you register.
An e-mail will inform you of the successful account activation..

Where can I find my library account?

You can view your library account by logging on to our research portal Primo.
Please use the "sign in" link at the top right.

How can I extend the loan period, and for how long can I extend it?
  • Online: via the personal library account
  • by phone: 0681 / 302-70602
  • by email: library(at)infomath-bib.de
  • on site at the information desk

Multiple extensions of up to 12 months in a row are possible - if there is no reservation - after that,
the book has to be returned and borrowed again.
Please note: if the regular loan period is exceeded, online renewal is no longer possible after the second reminder.

How can I reserve a book on loan?

You can check the availability of a book in the Primo research portal.
Borrowed media can be reserved, either in person on site or online.
You receive an email notification when reserved items can be picked up.

How can I return media?
  • at the lending desk during our opening hours
  • out of opening hours via the book return box at the entrance
Which collections can I find in the library and where?
Electronic media
Here you can find further information on:
Printed media
Bound journals, sorted alphabetically  Basement 
MPS publications  Basement 
Technical reports  Basement 
Saarbrücken reports  Basement 
Series, sorted alphabetically  Basement 
Seminars (mathematics)  Basement 
Conferences/Colloquia  Basement 
Theses  Basement 
Lecture Notes (Springer)  Ground Floor 
Reference works  Ground Floor 
Computational Linguistics  Ground Floor 
Semester apparatus, sorted by courses
not for loan, marked with a red dot 
Ground Floor 
Textbook colletion, sorted alphabetically by author
marked with a green dot 
Ground Floor 
Textbook colletion (didactics), sorted alphabetically by author
blue signature label 
Ground Floor 
Mathematics didactics, sorted alphabetically by author
blue signature label 
Ground Floor 
Mathematics didactics (selection)*, sorted alphabetically by author
blue signature label, blue dot 
Ground Floor 
Schoolbooks, sorted alphabetically by publisher  Ground Floor 
Programming languages  Ground Floor 
Current journal issues (unbound)  Ground Floor 
Monographs, sorted alphabetically by author  First Floor 
Bring and Borrow (selection of fiction)  First Floor 
* located at the outsourced special location in the Didactics Laboratory, building E2 4 (non-lending collection),
please contact Heike Morlo (morlo(at)math.uni-sb.de / phone 0681-302-4577)
or Karin Mißler (mathematikdidaktik(at)mx.uni-saarland.de / phone 0681-302-6634)
Where can I find additional reading materials for my courses?

The relevant literature for the courses of the current semester is constantly updated and can be found in the semester apparatus on the ground floor of the library and also online on our website "Course Reference Shelves",
incl. links to the corresponding courses.

How can I order a book or an article that is not available in the library?

Please send your request to: library(at)infomath-bib.de
We will try to provide it as soon as possible, either through interlibrary loan or by purchase.

Do we not have some important or interesting literature, or do we need a new edition of something?
Please send your order suggestion to library(at)infomath-bib.de

Further information about the library services can be found here:
All services offered at a glance

Please contact us if you need assistance in person on site during the opening hours,
or by e-mail: library(at)infomath-bib.de
or by phone: 0681-302-70602, 0681-9325-5740